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Vision, Mission, and Values

In an effort to act in accordance with the Executive Yuan of the Republic of China's (行政院) year 2001 national policy, "The Construction of the National Communication and Information Fundamental Security Mechanism Project" and additionally to cope with the impact aroused by the "New Basel II Accord", an urgent need of building a complete network crisis handling mechanism to facilitate in the mitigation of the cost of information security catastrophe events, seemed evident. The establishment of the Central Part of Taiwan Science Park (中部科學園區) also hastened the call for the emergence of the information security. Our institute has been the leading body in the field of information and communication related studies, and is more than confident and competent in the deliverance, to the central part of Taiwan, the effective and efficient crisis handling services that is required to ensure the protection of the general institutional group's information and communication security. Consequent of our leading technical status and the locality connection, the establishment of the "Information and Communication Security Research Center" (for brevity reason, abbreviated for the remainder part as "this Center"), will have the glory of being bestowed with the responsibility of reacting immediately to real-time missions.

It is customary for the information communication security industry to fall behind the advances of the information industry in general, since in the process of computerizing organizations, productivity enhancement has always been the foremost concern and information security, a pleasant but dispensable luxury. These days business computerization has progressed to a phase of near maturity as can be seen from our intimate dependence on the information software and hardware for the functioning of our daily operations. And as more and more data stored on computers or communicated through computer networks are involved with commercial secret, personal privacy or even matters of national security, the protection of information system's security to guard against computer network crimes and crisis is inevitably becoming an imperative task. Assisted by the combined motivations of national policy and international movement, we found this to be the opportune time to establish this Center.

The central purpose of this Center is to focus on the research of theoretical learning, practical training as well as educational teaching; to endeavor toward the mastery of the investigation of advanced information communication security technology theories and practices and the forming of these related standards. Coupled with industrial, official and academic collaboration, this Center is also designed to develop correlated information communication technology and products, to combine practical application, and to inspire on the value of academic research, as well as to offer the students the opportunity to practice with those techniques.

This Center encompasses chiefly the faculty resources of Feng Chia University, and brings together Taichung City's research and development power, forming alliance to create industrial, official, and academic collaboration. Therefore the setting up of this Center can duly work together with the presently under construction the Central Part of Taiwan Science Park (中部科學園區) and establish the leading basis.


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